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The Snifferoo popup shop

In 2015 Frank Bloem started The Snifferoo a pop-up shop in the western part of Amsterdam. By swapping his classroom size atelier in which he made visual art for a small shop on the ground floor of the Pop-up mall Lola Luid.

Frank Started to sell his own line of perfumes. It started with the perfume called Parakeet, which is dedicated to the not so welcome exotic bird parakeet, that nevertheless brings a tropical vibe to the boring Dutch parks.

The second perfume was called Wheelchair, a tribute to the graceful sports of wheelchair tennis, as played at Wimbledon that year. 

The third of the first line was called Manatee. Franks favourite zoo animal. He remembered going to Artis zoo as a child and being obsessed by the small indoor pool with a lettuce covered surface, that housed the manatee. 

And last the perfume Pumpjack. With an opening of the smell of a machine room and a drydown of rose.

With the popup-shop running and people liking the fragrances Frank realised that he was heading for the comlicated world of producing prefume according to the regulations. So The Snifferoo moved to other places and new and now fully certified perfumes and perfumed products saw the light of day.

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